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Welcome to Dodge Ram Seat Covers

The Dodge Ram, or simply the Ram is basically a full-size pickup truck, and it is from the Chrysler LLC Dodge stable. The name of the automobile comes from the Ram hood ornament that the first generation trucks had. The "D" or Ram meant the two wheel drive while the "W" or Power Ram meant that it was a four wheel drive.

Though by the Dodge Ram, this full-size pickup truck is referred to, but there are many who confuse the term with the Dodge Ram 50, which is a truck from Mitsubishi. The Dodge Ram was made by Chrysler from 1981 to 1998 when DaimlerChrysler took over the productions. And today, the Dodge Ram is produced by the Chrysler LLC Corporation. These automobiles are made at Michigan and Missouri in the United States and also in Mexico.

  1. Take off headrest and push the back of the seat, forward.

  2. Slide seat cover over top of seat and pull down.

  3. Fit base of cover snugly over seat.

  4. Fasten elastic under seat with supplied "S" hooks.

  5. Tie the supplied cord in position to ensure that the seat cover is held in shape.

  6. Ensure that seat cover is fitting perfectly.

  7. With a sharp instrument (razor blade /exacto knife, etc....), cut holes for your headrest lengthwise with respect to your car .
    Because the seat cover stretches slightly, the holes need not be too big. That way, normal entering and exiting the car will not
    damage the seat cover.

  8. Re-insert the headrest into your seat.

  9. You're done!
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